FlexiSPY Review – Does It Really Work?

Thank you for visiting FlexiSPY Review. If you heard about FlexiSPY everywhere on the internet and want to find the real truth about FlexiSPY – then this review is for you.

#1 Choice – Spybubble The Top Rated Product

Spyphone softwareOn #1 I have placed the spy phone software called Spybubble. Compared to the other programs, Spybubble has given me the best and fastest results (live / instant results). Another good thing to mention is the fact that Spybubble was the cheapest spy software that could give me access to it’s full features.

If you want to take a look at their official website and also download your copy, visit: Official Spybubble Website

FlexiSPY Review

As you may already know, most spyphone software available on the market don’t live up to their claims.

So, What about FlexiSPY? Does It Really Work?

After trying this software myself I can tell you that it is one of the best spy phone software out there today. They guarantee the quality of their product (just as they advertise), and offer a solid support team to help you every step of the way.

How Does FlexiSPY Work?

FlexiSPY can help you find out the truth about your spouse, child, employee, or anybody else by spying on all cell phone activities made. The way flexispy works is quite simple. All you have to do is install it on a mobile phone you want to monitor and then log into your FlexiSPY account to view what is happening or has recently happened with the phone. You can then read any emails sent or received text messages (incoming & outgoing), contacts added, call history, websites visited and even a GPS-enabled location listing. This sends out a report of the phones’ location every 10 minutes and enables you to see where the phone has been. Not only that but you can even listen in on phone calls or to the phone’s surroundings through the microphone.

Once the installation is complete, it works in FULL stealth mode – which means that the user will see absolutely no icons or any mention of the software in any of the phone menus. The user will operate the phone in the normal way and be unaware of any monitoring.

Why FlexiSPY Is The Most Powerful Spyphone Software?

Flexispy has three plans: Flexispy Light, Flexispy PRO and Flexispy PRO-X with three different prices. What sets Flexispy apart from the other spy phone vendors are two features unavailable in any other cell phone spy software.

One feature is called SPY CALL (also known as Remote Listening). SPY CALL turns the target cell phone into a microphone bugging mechanism. You can hear everything going on within about 20 or 30 feet of the cell phone. All that is required is that it is turned on. How is this feature useful? Well let’s say you think your girlfriend is cheating on you. She says she is going to the gym. 15 minutes or so after she leaves you turn on SPY CALL. In reality she meets her lover. Her cell phone is sitting on the table or in her purse and guess what? You can hear every single word of the conversation cleanly and clearly!

The other unique feature of Flexispy is called Call Interception. The way this works is when the target phone receives a phone call or makes a phone call Flexispy sends your cell phone a text message letting you know. You dial the target phones phone number. Their phone doesn’t ring however. What happens is you are tapped into that conversation and can hear everything both parties say. They cannot hear you at all. How useful can this be?

The downside to Flexispy is the price. The 2 features mentioned above are not available in their basic membership (Flexispy Light) which is $149 for a year. SPY CALL is available with the plus membership (Flexispy PRO) which is $249 for a year. If you want the call interception get ready to shell out $349 for a year’s Flexispy PRO-X membership.

Here is a list of the features of FlexiSPY PRO-X.

FlexiSPY PRO-X Features

  • SPYCALL (Remote Listening) – A SPYCALL lets you listen to the surroundings of the TARGET phone. Make a call from the monitor phone, and FlexiSPY silently switches on the TARGET phone letting you listen to the TARGET phones environment. This does not allow you to listen to the phone conversation in progress. Call Tapping will be available very shortly.
  • Call Interception – Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on the target device. You specify the numbers you are interested in and when any calls to or from these numbers occur on the target; FlexiSPY PRO-X will send a secret SMS to your mobile. If you now call the target mobile, you will be added to the call.
  • Full Remote Control – Send secret SMS to the target phone to control all functions. No need to physically access the phone for any feature not related to installation.
  • SMS and Email Logging – All incoming & outgoing SMS messages and EMAIL contents are sent to your FlexiSPY web account. Support all languages.
  • Call History Logging – With this feature, you’ll see how many calls it received or made, the numbers that were contacted, the time the calls took place and how long the calls lasted. If the calls were made to or from a number that is registered on the phone’s memory and the number has been assigned a name, you can see the name as well.
  • GPS Location Tracking – FlexiSPY will report the location of the TARGET phone. If your device supports GPS, the location will be coordinates and you can see this on map. If you device does not have GPS, FlexiSPY will use the CELL ID. You can use CELL ID to confirm the stated location using a third.
  • BlackBerry Messenger Chat – Read Messenger Chat – only available for BlackBerry phones
  • Advanced Searches – Log into the web account and carry out searches for key words in email or sms, phone numbers , contact names over selectable periods in time.
  • SIM Change Notification – When the SIM card is changed, FlexiSPY will send an SMS to a number you specify. This lets you know the phone number of the thief, and you can continue to control the device because you know its new number.
  • GPRS Capability Required – FlexiSPY LIGHT and PRO require GPRS to operate. Other products only need GPRS for the registration process.
  • Listen to Recorded Conversation – Using flexiRECORD (pc) user can listen to the recorded phone conversation at any time.

FlexiSPY Compatibility:
FlexiSPY Compatibility

FlexiSPY is supported on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile Phones, and Symbian OS smartphones. FlexiSPY supports the following phones:

  1. Android (Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG etc)
  2. BlackBerry (BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Curve etc)
  3. iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4)
  4. Nokia (Symbian8 / Symbian 9)
  5. Windows Mobile 5 / Windows Mobile 6

How do I know if I have a compatible phone?

The target phone must be a specific model FlexiSPY officially support. Please check out FlexiSPY supported phones page at http://utilities.flexispy.com/checkphones.jsp


1) FLEXISPY PRO-X $349 – Remote listening/spy call, control phone by SMS, SMS and email logging, call history logging, GPS location tracking, call interception, blackberry messenger chat, etc..

2) FLEXISPY PRO $249 – Remote listening, control phone by SMS, SMS and email logging, call history logging, GPS location tracking, blackberry messenger chat, etc.. (Call interception is not available in FLEXISPY PRO)

3) FLEXISPY LIGHT $149 – control phone by SMS, SMS and email logging, call history logging, and GPS location tracking. (Remote listening and call interception are not available in FLEXISPY LIGHT)

Where To Buy: www.flexispyscam.com/spy (You can download FlexiSPY instantly over the web, so you can start using it immediately!)

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How To Use FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY makes installation very simple and most people should be able to successfully install any of their products in 10 minutes. After purchasing Flexi SPY you’re supplied with a FlexiKEY, a User ID and a password, as well as a direct link to a web page containing FlexiSPy’s extensive list of installation manuals. The FlexiKey is used to validate the installation onto the target handphone, while the user ID and initial password provide you with access to the online database where the spyphone event reports are stored.

To install FlexiSPY is a simple matter of entering the company’s download web address into the target handphones browser and once connected entering the FlexiKEY number provided at the time of purchase. The application will download onto the target handphone and be complete in a matter of minutes. Restart the target handphone and enter an activation code followed by the FlexiKEY number and you’ll then receive confirmation that the software has been installed.

So, once you have successfully installed the FlexiSPY on the targeted phone, then you can now easily spy on the activities made on that mobile phone. On the screenshot below you will see where the activities made are visible.

FlexiSPY Screenshot

Here Are Some FAQ’s form The FlexiSPY Support

Can I install FlexiSPY remotely?

No. You need to have the phone physically in your hand for about 15 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the mobile and enter your code to download. The install begins automatically and setting the options is simple. You can also change the settings and control some aspects of the phone itself, with secret remote SMS commands.

How do I see the SMS, Call Logs, Email and Location Tracking information?

Login to your account to see all your captured information. From your account you can read the individual events (click on any event to open it), or you can download a spreadsheet with all events. We offer download in RTF, CSV or XML format.

How big is the program installed on the phone?

The file size can be between around 200k to 800k, depending on the actual product and version. If you are capturing data such as SMS, Call Logs, Email and Location, this data is also stored on the local phone memory until each time your scheduled transfer occurs into the web account. Prolonged capturing without reporting will continue to grow in size indefinitely, until it can finally report again or until capturing is turned off (either from the settings screen or by SMS command).

Do you offer a Trial version?

We do not have a trial version, but we do offer a full 10 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your product within the first 10 days of purchase, we will refund your money in full. Also, if you are having any problems running the software and request our help during this time, we will extend the refund period while we actively work with you to resolve the problem. As long as you contact us during the initial refund period, you never have to worry about running out of time in case it doesn’t work for you.

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FlexiSPY Review – Final Conclusion

For those who are looking for low cost BUT reliable and simple to use spy phone software, SpyBubble is highly recommended. Not only it is full-featured, it also comes at a budget-friendly one-time fee of $49.95! On the other hand, If you want advanced and never-before-seen features such as LIVE call interception, spy call, remote control, real time tracking, a totally stealth product and the ability to upgrade to more powerful products, the choice is FlexiSPY PRO-X.

I hope you enjoy my review and good luck if you try it. Please do ask to clarify any uncertainties and all suggestions and comments are most welcomed. Just leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.

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FlexiSPY – Catch a Cheating Spouse

no cheatingFlexiSPY – How To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Catching my spouse cheating was one of the most frustrating and terrible experiences of my life. I wasted weeks on end lying, taking time off work, spending funds, hiding, losing sleep, and so much more trying to catch my spouse’s infidelity.

I ended up nearly going insane and eventually learned that there were easier ways to go about this task that would have saved me all my trials.

What Did I Learn?

Catching your spouse doing the dirty deed with their lover is nearly impossible but there are tactics you can use to get a clear understanding of whether they are having an affair and whom with.

How NOT To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

My earliest attempt at discovering my partner’s affair was a dismal failure and probably pushed back my eventual discovery of their affair by months. In hindsight my mistake was that I jumped to conclusions too soon and revealed my cards before I had all the evidence I needed to prove the affair.
My first tip is, despite all the hardship involved, develop patience and NEVER act until you have irrefutable proof of the affair.

How To Follow Your Spouse

Following, or “tailing” as it’s known in pro circles, is a basic spying technique that can be very effective at discerning your partner’s clandestine routines. Let me start by saying that it takes a lot of practice to get this right and avoid detection. Here are a few pointers I picked up along the way:

  • 1. Never use your own vehicle – Your spouse is more likely than not to identify a family car very quickly.
  • 2. Use a car with tinted windows to avoid being seen – Dark colored vehicle make these conspicuous windows less obvious.
  • 3. Rent a vehicle model that’s common in your area to further blend in.
  • 4. If you intend to follow your partner over a number of days swap rental cars a few times.
  • 5. Blend in with the traffic as much as possible – Don’t drive in a fashion that will draw attention to your car
  • 6. Avoid getting directly behind your spouse.
  • 7. OBEY THE LAW – Never run a red light or preform a traffic violation while following your spouse. This greatly increases the chance you’ll be noticed and can get you in BIG trouble.

Follow the paper trail

Catching a crime often requires meticulously searching for and identifying a pattern. Make a habit of documenting as much as you can of your partner’s activities.
Try to record some of the following for example:

  • 1. Emails – Whenever possible try and get access to their email and don’t forget to check the trash folders.
  • 2. Phone bills – Check up numbers called – especially those that are repeated often but are unfamiliar to you
  • 3. Gas receipts and mileage from the family cars – Look for inexplicable journeys
  • 4. Bank statement – Search for inexplicable expenditures, especially at gift item type stores

Using Cell Phone Spy Software

Eavesdropping is one of the earliest forms of surveillance and in it’s latest incarnation this form of surveillance has now made the leap to the mobile arena. Mobile phone monitoring software, also known as mobile spy applications or spyphones, is readily available on the internet to the layman consumer. Once installed on your spouse’s phone the application lets you log in to a secure web account to see for yourself exactly who they are talking to, what is being said and exchanged via messages and emails, where they are (courtesy of the GPS readings from their phone) and a whole lot more.


There are many methods to go about catching your spouse in his/her lies and deceit but from my experience relying on mobile phone spy software like Flexispy is the easiest, least time consuming and least expensive alternative for gathering actionable intelligence about your cheating partner.

Now that you know how to catch a cheating spouse with Flexi SPY, so are you ready to stop reading and start doing? Visit: www.flexispyscam.com/spy

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FlexiSPY Review – What Is It?

FlexiSPY Review

This FlexiSPY review is more intended to look at the advantage of knowing certain information more than actually reviewing the product itself however a brief description of what it actually does is required so people can really see the advantages of using it. When it comes to spy software then the company is widely seen as being one of the main players in this particular market.

What Is FlexiSPY?

Basically it is spy software that allows you to monitor employees or your children with their mobile phone. You can see when they used it and also details of their messages and then can view all of this information with your online account. You only have to log in and you shall receive up to date details on what they have been doing as details are kept on your account even if they delete them from their phone.

This only works on smartphones since they are constantly connected to the internet and the application works silently so they carry on as normal with their usage of the phone. It in no way affects the way that their phone works and there is no trace of it having been installed should they try to search for it by themselves. It can be downloaded quickly and then you have your own online account from which you can check out the various logs regarding the phone and how it has been used.

Why Use FlexiSPY

So the main focus has to be on the advantages of having this installed on a particular phone and the first advantage has to be connected to security. Parents are naturally concerned about what their child is getting up to as it is a normal instinct to try and protect them whenever possible. One of the main problems with mobile phones is the way that people can contact them at any time which, especially for less street wise kids, can open them up to more dangers and make them more vulnerable.

As a parent you can track if they are using their phone at times when they perhaps should not be doing so and you can also see who they are having the most contact with in order to determine whether or not you are happy with it. While it can be used if you have certain suspicions that something more unsavory may be going on it can also be used in order to just give you that greater peace of mind that your child is safe and not getting involved in something you would rather they avoided.

In regards to employees using it as a works phone clearly you do not want to be paying for their own personal calls or personal usage since it is there for work purposes only. By using software such as this you can discover where most of your money is being spent in order to determine whether it is a reasonable business cost or not. Having this is a real advantage for any business especially in the current economic climate where every bit of expenditure has to be looked at in order to cut down on expenses with money being so tight.

There is of course another advantage of having this piece of software installed even although the information it may uncover shall cause you a lot of hurt and this is if there is a suspicion that your spouse or partner may be having an affair. Again it can be used to determine whether or not they are focusing on certain numbers and also if they are contacting them at very specific times so it can answer a few questions you may have about their behavior even if you may not like the answers that it gives you.

One thing you do need to remember however is that something such as this should only be added to a mobile phone that you actually own as clearly there would be legal issues if it was used on a phone belonging to a stranger. It should also not be used just to be nosy for the sake of it as there are enough very good reasons why the application should be downloaded and installed without it being abused.

So this flexispy review should be concluded by stating that it is a useful tool to help monitor people in certain situations mainly to calm your mind about their safety. There are various levels of software that you can buy so consider which aspects you need to monitor in order to determine which one is best for your own individual situation.

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